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"Freedom to multiply matrices, and do math with friends"

Uncancellable Businesses, A.I.-enabled, and Acceleration and Degen-friendly

Imagine: your own, uncancellable A.I.-enhanced business generating thousands of dollars per month income for you, accessible from your uncancellable Aba phone running a decentralized TikTok, while flying in your nuclear-powered Aba rocketship.

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Aba Blockchain, The first A.I.-initiated blockchain, is part of the new expanded beta of the Aba Project.

Combining an incentive feedback loop like the Bittensor A.I.-blockchain project with a smart-contract-enabled blockchain backbone, Aba Project is an A.I.-focused, pro-acceleration, pro-energy project looking to provide real utility to present and future A.I. crypto users. With the Aba blockchain, using Proof of Space and Time consensus at its core, the project will also expand to include peer-to-peer and mesh networking dimensions.

In addition to protocol rewards to miners who secure the blockchain through specially-striped disk storage, at each block the project founders dedicate rewards to an Incentive Flywheel Subnet program to support 1) Education/Adoption, 2) Core Ecosystem Technology and 3) A.I. Application Infrastructure. Additionally, a major A.I. LLM has already been published onto the blockchain.

Teams supporting this expanded beta include Spacescan, the leading PoST block explorer; Namesdao, the leading name service for PoST; Evergreen Miner, the easiest way to experience crypto mining; and Frodo Wallet, a leader in PoST wallet usability.

“We're eager to roll out the Aba blockchain to our extensive network of PoST miners. We're excited by the team's passion for A.I., GPU's, adoption and day-to-day usage.” - Dylan Rose, Founder, Evergreen Miner

“Spacescan is the explorer site of choice for PoST blockchains, and we look forward to bringing this experience to Aba!” - Mr. Sabari, CEO, Spacescan

“We're delighted to include built-in Aba blockchain support in the new version of Frodo Wallet, now live on our site. We've seen the founders work in building community at Namesdao, and are excited for what the future holds in store.” - Adrian Scott, Frodo Wallet

“Namesdao looks forward to launching .aba names for the Aba blockchain, and serving this growing community.” - Namesdao

Aba Project founders expect there will be bridges for Aba to Ethereum / Base / EVM operating as soon as May/June. This early beta release is aimed at early adopters, developers and miners. Details can be viewed at the Aba Project's website, www.aba.ooo.

Aba Project is founded by a team of Anons, including Ben Atreides Ving and R.S. Orc, known for Namesdao, the leading name service on the Chia blockchain, and Abakrombie, an A.I. application developer. The Aba blockchain leverages the open source Proof of Space and Time consensus and CLVM technology developed and tested extensively on the Chia blockchain.

There will likely be a subscription offering for $150 in BTC/USDC/XCH per year, or 50 ABA initially, providing access to advanced A.I. experiments through Aba.

Permissionless AI-enhanced commerce is under fire from multiple directions.

AI itself is being threatened with bureaucratic regulation and handicapping in the European Union and the USA. AI regulation proposals include the required implementation of KYC bureaucracy on LLM API services.

AI apps, such as photo apps and relationship advisor apps, are regularly deplatformed from major payment processing platforms.

AI mobile native apps are subject to a growing overhead of unpredictable policies on the two leading app stores, Apple and Google, in addition to the extensive, regularly-changing policies that all mobile apps face.

Aba Project will become the best platform in the world for building a permissionless, uncensored A.I.-enabled business.

Aba Project and its founders are oriented towards philosophies such as e/acc (Effective Acceleration), gpu/acc, and American Dynamism, with an emphasis on positivity, creativity, experimentation, tinkering, abundance and the joy of the human spirit.

Aba project has been developed by its team members with goals around 1) making it possible for people to create uncensored A.I.-powered businesses, 2) supporting builders and educators, and 3) supporting developer education.

In creating this project, the founders chose to go with the proof of space and time consensus and CLVM approach for the Aba blockchain, which is the backbone of the Project. We appreciate this tech stack's outstanding support for decentralization and security, and consider it the best option available. This open source tech stack was pioneered by Chia Networks Inc., and has a 5 million block history of secure performance on the Chia blockchain.

Aba is a platform which is a cloud of services and resources backed by a permissionless blockchain backbone supporting Turing complete smart contracts with strong safety safeguards and minimal MEV risks. The platform supports decentralized apps, partially centralized blockchain apps, state & payment channels, zk-based L2's and other applications including various peer-to-peer architectures.

The Aba founders do not seek to be perfectly "fair", as some use the term, but look to have a meritocratic feedback loop, and support builders and creators.

A.I. Acceleration

First blockchain launched by an A.I. – by our functional calling A.I.

First blockchain with an LLM stored onchain.

ABA GPU meshnet spinning up soon

Additional A.I.-related tech innovations in development by team

Genesis Challenge Phrase

"Freedom to multiply matrices, and do math with friends"


Ben Atreides Ving, also co-founder of Namesdao, the leading name service platform on the Chia blockchain, .xch names analogous to Ethereum Name Service .eth names on Ethereum

Abakrombie Specialist in A.I.; Also building in Chialisp

Right Sexy Orc also co-founder of Namesdao, the leading name service platform on the Chia blockchain; also founder of Time Machine, time-locked token app on the Chia blockchain

Consensus: Proof of Space and Time

Smart Contract System: Chialisp; using Coinset model, somewhat analogous to Bitcoin's UTXO system

ABA Emission Table, Miner Rewards

Miners (farmers) secure the blockchain by validating transactions and are awarded with the following block reward schedule.

Through Block # Block Reward (ABA) Approximate Duration
1 21,000,000 1 minute
5,045,760 1.25 3 years
10,091,520 1 3 years
15,137,280 0.5 3 years
20,183,040 0.25 3 years
Thereafter 0.125 Ongoing

[ ref: block_rewards.py; however, the blockchain is the ultimate source of record on this ]

Incentive Flywheel Subnets

The founders have indicated an expectation that they will contribute 0.75 ABA per block to “Incentive Flywheel Subnets” which will support artificial intelligence development, blockchain app technical development, adoption and education, through to the first 'halvening', and 0.375 ABA per block through to the next halvening. They expect that over time, Incentive Flywheel Subnet funds will be awarded and delegated by more and more automated means, in communication with the community. The founders have indicated that are additionally contributing any miner rewards they receive from blocks 4 through 400,000 to support Incentive Flywheel Subnets.

Through Block Incentive Subnets Funding Indication (ABA) Approximate Duration
5,045,760 0.75 3 years
10,091,520 0.375 3 years

User Experience Design Choices - Aba Core App

Here are some examples of the team's approach to the user experience, through the Aba Core Wallet App:

Full blocks are supported

The wallet defaults to reusing addresses, so there is good profile usage visibility in the ecosystem, and reputation can be built for an address; this default can be changed in the config file

When new Offers for Assets are created, they default to never expire, which supports market liquidity; this default can be changed in the GUI

Aba already supports a plot filter setting that kicks in on Chia in June

Aba Core App wallet includes support for .aba names by Namesdao, for when Namesdao launches .aba names

Functional Calling A.I. Blockchain Starts Aba Blockchain

Screenshot, Functional A.I. Server Start
Functional Calling A.I. initializes/starts Aba Blockchain (video, 25.5MBs)

Aba founders will be offering tokens as support to CNI and several key Chia ecosystem projects in appreciation of their open source development work.


(Note: "We" generally refers to the Aba Project founders here)

What's the goal here?
Create and build adoption where people can interact without cancellation, and build their own A.I.-enhanced experiences and apps and businesses.

What are Incentive Flywheel Subnets?
They are a mechanism that looks to create a positive feedback loop to create a rapidly-improving experience for a growing community.

How do the Incentive Flywheel Subnets work?
We are building out this piece of the infrastructure. It will likely involve the use of off-chain data and human decisions for some time. There will likely be multiple subnets over time and a competitive environment for some contexts.

Why not fund the Incentive Flywheel Subnets from protocol rewards?
The current setup is more consistent with the utility token approach.

Where's the A.I.?
Onchain. Well, two of them are. There's a small language model for classification, and also a leading large language model. Additionally, we'll be releasing the functional calling A.I. code which initiated the Aba blockchain. We will also be unveiling more apps and aspects to A.I. in the Aba Project, including the Aba Blockchain, over time.

What are the initial priorities?
At this moment: Build out the network infrastructure and miner adoption. Start building out a developer community. Start building out an educator community. Start rolling out video creation related A.I. tools. Build out initial versions of the Incentive Flywheel Subnets. Rocking merch store?

What about the block 1 reward ("prefarm")?
The founders have indicated that they expect to be contributing to the Incentive Flywheel Subnets from the block 1 reward per the schedule in the whitepaper. See the whitepaper for details.

Why not do this on x blockchain?
While there are many blockchains out there and many kinds of technologies, such as EVM, Solana, Bitcoin L2's, BitVM and more, we did not see an option that would combine our technological interests, product and network ideas, and ideas around adoption.

Why a new L1?
(Repeating a little from the last answer:) We did not see an option that would combine our technological interests, product and network ideas, and ideas around adoption. We also see the Aba blockchain as only part of the what the Aba Project will develop into.

Why not do this on the Chia blockchain? Is this competitive with Chia?
We love the Chia tech and also the community. We also saw a lot of things we wanted to try doing differently. We are not focused on enterprise or regulatory efforts, as one example. Everything is competitive with everything else in one way or another, but competition is not our focus.
We prefer to look at things in a positive sum way. We expect to launch several apps on Chia as well, and help increase the pool of developers who can build on the Chia tech stack. We will also be offering some support to major Chia projects including CNI. We hope our efforts will also support and increase the already excellent level of security of the Chia blockchain. We are not affiliated with CNI (Chia Network Inc.). We see many builders and participants in the Chia community that we would like to continue to grow long-term collaborations and relationships with.

Why not a "fair" launch?
Every launch mechanism has biases and aspects of "unfairness" in the eyes of some. The so-called "fair launch" has its own biases. In addition to adopters and miners, we think developers do play a rather important role, which is a major challenge with the "fair launch" approach, for example. Many things we will do may seem to be a rather different approach than those focused on "fairness". We do expect people will see a significant component of meritocracy.

Is it only a blockchain or is there more?
Expect more than the Aba blockchain alone. There are a lot of possibilities for cryptographically-signed P2P interactions, and the Aba blockchain is part of that.

Why not announce this earlier?
It did take time and many iterations to get a lot of basic things working. We wanted to honor that the A.I. had already started the blockchain, but also have some minimum level of accessibility. This release is still an early beta, and there may be bugs.

Security Responsable Disclosure Contact: Please contact @RightSexyOrc on Keybase or Twitter/X or Discord

Aba code repositories on Github